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Finding the Golem of Prague wedged inside her bathroom is not how Magda thought her Friday night was going to play out. She may be a Jewish witch stumbling her way through her twenties, but finding a legendary clay monster is out there, even for her. When the rabbi won’t pick up the phone, she realizes Eitan, the synagogue’s cantor, is the only person who can help with this kind of philosophical supernatural mystery. To her unending irritation, he’s also the one man she can’t stop thinking about. The sound of his laugh may be entrancing, but the resident do-gooder is too pure of heart for a jaded woman who lives with a talking spider.

Eitan moved to the town of Triptych to get a job, find a wife, spawn a kid, and leave his past in the past. Settling down is hard to do, though, when you’ve got ghosts, a golem, and a distractingly clever witch running around. Things don’t get any easier when the golem declares he wants to become human. Solving the secrets of life and humanity with Magda is the last thing he should be doing, but his weirdest congregant is also becoming his favorite.

Despite Magda and Eitan’s best efforts, the golem can’t seem to change from ancient lump of clay to modern man. Fed up with their false promises, the golem takes matters into his own hands and sneaks into the Afterlife to change his fate in the Books of Life and Death. If Magda and Eitan can’t find him before it’s too late, they’ll lose the friend who showed them love is worth the mess it creates, and the golem will lose his chance at humanity once and for all.