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Finding the Golem of Prague wedged inside her bathroom is not how Magda’s Friday nights normally play out. A Jewish witch with damaged magic, she knows she needs backup to wrangle the legendary clay monster. Only Eitan, her synagogue’s cantor, can help with this supernatural philosophical mystery, but he’s also the one man she can’t stop thinking about. Unfortunately, as a sharp-tongued woman with split faiths and a talking spider for a roommate, Magda isn’t girlfriend material for a clergy member, and Eitan seems too pure of heart for a woman like her. Besides, once her magic fully heals, she’ll be back on the road as a ghost bounty hunter and out of his life.

Eitan, a former punk with a rap sheet, has turned his life around and moved to Triptych to get a job, start a family, and leave his past in the past. Settling down is hard to do, though, when a distractingly clever witch needs help with a golem who wants to become human. As Eitan and Magda struggle to transform him into a modern man, the good cantor finds himself falling for his most unusual congregant anyway.

In search of a quick fix, the golem recklessly sneaks into the Afterlife to change his destiny in the Books of Life and Death. It’s up to Magda and Eitan to save him from himself, but time is running out. Desperate to save her new friend, Magda discovers the key to healing her broken power. But now that Magda can reclaim her career and Eitan is finally building roots, they must decide if their newfound relationship is worth sacrificing the lives they’ve fought to build.