Bloodsucking Lawyer


Coming soon from Limitless Books

Henry de Daumier-Smith is a bloodsucking lawyer—literally. But this vampire is also the only paranormal attorney in Tucson, so it’s up to him to shield his supernatural clients from human discovery. His mountain of work is running him ragged, but then he meets Emma Parker. The gutsy mortal lawyer saves his ass in court, so he hires her to help tackle his caseload. She’s smart, funny, and a perfect fit for his office. Unfortunately, she’s also got a lovely neck.

Emma tries and fails not to scream when she realizes her new clients are creatures that go bump in the night. But if she can handle law school, she can handle surly pothead werewolves and shoplifting witches. The only snag is, she can’t stop fantasizing about her very vampiric boss. Everyone knows office romances always crash and burn, and she doesn’t want a pissed-off vampire for an ex.

Temptation refuses to be ignored, though, and soon late nights at the office stretch into early mornings. But when the supernat crime rate spins out of control, Henry and Emma realize why lawyers should never date: They always think they’re right. He’s become jaded with the cause, and her unflappable optimism pushes him away. If they can’t work together, not only is their relationship as good as dead, but supernats will face persecution, not just prosecution, at the hands of humans.